Centennial Students’ Guilty Pleasures

Do you have a Chromebook? The answer across the board should be yes, as for the first time this year, the school has mandated school-issued chromebooks to all students. Chromebooks have made it easy for students to work on online assignments, watch school-related content, and participate in online projects. Being able to bring home the chromebooks has made it easy to find entertaining games online, once our homework is done of course. 

Students have been raving about games such as Snake, Geometry Dash, Tetris, and Wifi Dinosaur Game, but the one that has “taken the cake” is 2048, or more specifically the cupcake version. 

Recently, students have been finding new and interesting versions of the popular online game and app 2048, with the cupcake version being one of them. Each cupcake represents a factor of two. Two goes to four, which goes to eight, which goes to 16, and so on. The cupcakes are appealing to the eye, decorated, and delicious looking. The cupcakes go in the following order:

vanilla birthday, bubblegum pink, sunshine vanilla, valrhona blonde ganache, chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate mint fudge, chocolate spider web, toasted marshmallow, cookies and creme, chocolate sundae, white chocolate peppermint, 2017 confetti vanilla, and rainbow.

“From pink to yellow, orange and swirl, all to prepare you for your shining moment: the white peppermint cupcake,” senior Ella Boodin, illustrated. 

Other versions of the game that are seeking attention are 2048 Glee, Justin Biber, Dua Lipa, Barbie movies, etc. 

“Once I start I can’t stop, it’s addicting,” said sophomore Angela Aguilar, a fan of 2048 barbie movies. 


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