Senegal Vs. Egypt: African Cup of Nations

Mohammad Salah and Sadio Mane, known as two of the best players in the Premier League this season, were on opposite sides with their national teams as the two Liverpool stars went at it for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) trophy.

Mohammad Salah represented Egypt as the captain of the Egyptian National team. Sadio Mane, Senegal legend, represented the Senegal National team. Both teams came into this game confident, but only one team could be victorious.
Before the game, both stars met up in the lobby prior to taking the field, wishing each other good luck. 

Four minutes into the game, Senegal was awarded a penalty kick. Their top goal scorer, Sadio Mane, was set up to take the kick. Mohamed Abou Gabal was in goal for Egypt. Mane shot to the left and Gabal dove to the right, and the penalty was saved. The score was still 0-0. Gabal’s penalty save was one of eight amazing saves compared to Edouard Mendy’s three saves for Senegal. 

Throughout the entire game, Senegal kept possession 57% of the time compared to Egypt’s 43%. Senegal’s team had more chances than Egypt in the first and second half because of this. As Senegal kept possession, Egypt’s team was getting frustrated and committed 30 fouls. Senegal’s fouls were more dangerous, however, giving them 4 yellow yards. 

As the scoring drought went on, the game went into overtime, and then penalty kicks. Senegal won the game on penalties, with a shootout score of 4-2. Sadio Mane was the fifth shooter for the Senegal National team, and Mohammad Salah did not get to shoot as his team did not make it far enough. 

Sadio Mane held the trophy as the Senegal National team celebrated. Overall, it was a great performance from both teams, but Senegal came through and beat Egypt at their own game. 


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