Centennial’s 2022 Prom

    For junior and senior girls, sweatpants and Birkenstocks are a staple here at Centennial, but come prom time you can expect nails to be done and hair to look effortlessly flawless. Prom is an exciting time to dress up and show off your style and confidence in whatever way you choose. It’s a way for students to get out of their shells, and a fun and exciting process for upperclassmen all around.

     Due to COVID-19, the past two proms have been rather unconventional. Now, more than ever, people are excited and ready to return back to old traditions. 

    “I think the whole process of looking for dresses and planning out the night is so thrilling, and the anticipation keeps everyone going through the long stretch of school where we have no days off or breaks,” stated junior Cece Shadrick on this year’s upcoming prom.

      Here at Centennial, junior and senior girls have contributed to an Instagram page, amassing 120 followers, where pictures of each girls’ dress is posted on the page. The page has helped to ensure that this year’s stream of dresses at prom will be unique throughout the student body. As well as keeping dresses exclusive, the account has created a fun place for girls to “hype each other up,” mentioned senior Jesse Rothrock.

     One of the many traditions that our student body is reverting back to is the tradition of prom-posals; many students use posters with funny catchphrases and plays on words to ask their dates to prom. These proposals sometimes even have included treats such as the date’s coffee order, or even a whole box of donuts.

    “Prom-posals are fun and it’s a light hearted gesture where you can play to someone’s interests and ask them in a fun way,” junior Grey Crawford explained.

After the past few turbulent years, the student body is beyond excited to reunite and return to the old traditional ways of prom season.


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