Homewood becomes homesick against Centennial Eagles: Centennial vs. Homewood game

On March 16, 2023, Centennial’s students experienced an entertaining event as Centennial hosted their traditional basketball game against Homewood

Maurice Frazier

The game began at the beginning of “A” lunch at 10:15 am. It started with the tip off going to Centennial. Aryan Bartra on Centennial’s team was able to get a fast break off of a pass to make a layup for the first points of the game. From the first quarter the game started off slow with both teams unable to make shots, missing out on easy points. Near the end of the first, Dylan Cruz, No. 6 on Homewood, was finally able to put his team on the board, making a contact finish for Homewood’s first points, making the game (8-2) Centennial. The first quarter ended (10-2) Centennial.

At the start of the second quarter, CJ Epperson, No. 5 on Homewood’s team, missed with an airball. To rebuild the momentum, Cruz sunk a 3-point shot for Homewood’s first points in the second quarter. Centennial fired back with a few successful mid-ranged shots, putting the score (14-8) with Centennial in the lead. After hearing the cheers and chants from the crowd, Centennial senior Carter Watson built up the courage to attempt his first dunk of the game. Unfortunately he didn’t make it on his first attempt, but this wouldn’t discourage him from trying again later on. 

While there were many highlights during the game, mistakes cost both sides points and missed opportunities.“I think making layups was a big one for us and just finishing inside or just making any shots honestly. We probably shot around 10% today,” said Centennial senior Tyler Longwell. He, along with fellow senior Ty Beck- Winter, served as the coaches for the home team.

The second quarter ended with a score of (17-11) with Centennial still in the lead. To start the second half, Homewood’s team had a late entry added to the game, No. 4 Jahmerian “Phatz ” Woodsong. Immediately, Woodson drew a foul on a breakaway going straight to the line. He wasn’t able to capitalize at the free throw line, but Centennial seized the opportunity and got the rebound, which led to a pass down the court for a successful three-point shot. Another foul was drawn from the Homewood team by Epperson, who made his first free throw and Homewood’s first points in the third quarter. Homewood finally began to wake up, showing their impressive defensive skills in multiple stops on Centennial’s offense. More notably was Cameron Pike, No. 12, on Homewood with an aggressive block on Centennial senior Jack Corraothat got a huge reaction from the crowd. Quarter three ended with a score of (22-14), Centennial still remaining ahead. 

With both teams finally warmed up, the game entered the fourth and final quarter. Senior Shamar Johnson on Centennial made a layup for the first points of the fourth quarter. Centennial finally answered the wake up call they needed the entire game. Centennial’s stops with their defense and conversions on offense left Homewood with little space to breath. A true testament to the Centennials team’s change was shown when Watson received a pass on a fast break, allowing him to take the opportunity for another chance to showcase his explosive and athletic abilities with another dunk. 

The game ended with a score of (36-21) Centennial,  impressing the crowd once again with this inter-school tradition.


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