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Image from Star, owned by Disney
Image from Star, owned by Disney

Ahsoka, Disney’s newest show for the Star Wars franchise has concluded its first season. It’s spearheaded by Dave Filoni who is best known for working on Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Mandalorian and Star Wars Rebels.

The story of Ahsoka follows the events of Star Wars Rebels with characters Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla as well as Ahsoka Tano looking for their friend Ezra Bridger. They’re also investigating an emerging threat to the galaxy with the potential return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the main villain of Star Wars Rebels

There are eight episodes in total, each ranging from 40-60 minutes in length. The episodes can be paced slowly at times, but overall they are very engaging from start to finish. They each follow Ahsoka and her friends trying to prevent Thrawn’s return through various means. 

The transition from the animated Rebels show to the live action Ahsoka show was handled very well. All of the casting choices make sense;each character looks similar to their cartoon counterparts and the costumes are very accurate, which helps immerse the audience in the story. 

The filmed shots are very well done, making the show feel put together with unique camera angles and lots of cool fight scenes. 

The fight choreography is incredible as per usual with the Star Wars series, filled with lots of captivating lightsaber movements and swordplay.

The story is also engaging and fits well in the Star Wars mythos. For optimal enjoyment, though, viewers should watch Star Wars Rebels first, considering that the new show can be very confusing and certain plot points won’t make sense if they haven’t. 

In this sense, the need to have watched Rebels to get the most out of this show is the biggest drawback to the new series. However, if you have watched Rebels, it’s a great continuation of its story and characters. The characters here are more mature, considering that the gap in time between them interacting is evident, as Rebels takes place before the original trilogy, and Ahsoka takes place after the original trilogy. 

Additionally, the dialogue is excellent; compared to other Star Wars shows on Disney +, Ahsoka feels more alive and less sterile. The new series is in direct contrast to shows like The Mandalorian that have less dialogue, which is intentional but makes the show have less soul.

Dave Filoni, the spearhead of this show, has his own narrative of how he views Star Wars, which is evident when viewing his other work and comparing it to the sequel trilogy. Ahsoka in that way fits very well into his narrative; this is something that most fans prefer to the sequel trilogy, which relied too heavily on fan service and callbacks to please fans. 

Ahsoka is portrayed well in this show, she’s more mature than shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars which makes sense, given this show’s place in the Star Wars timeline. Ahsoka is also shown to have some remorse for her past actions with having Sabine as her Jedi apprentice prior to this show. This creates some tension between Sabine and Ahskoa which makes things dynamic.

Overall, Ahsoka is a well crafted show with lots of twists and turns and occasional callbacks, creating a very pleasing show for Star Wars fans.


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