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    “yes and?” What about Ariana Grande’s upcoming album; “Eternal Sunshine”?

    Ariana Grade’s new album cover; “Eternal Sunshine”
    Ariana Grade’s new album cover; “Eternal Sunshine”

    Ariana Grande, who just released her newest single titled “yes, and?” on Jan. 12 teasing her new album “Eternal Sunshine,” which is set to release on March 8. Fans have been highly anticipating “Eternal Sunshine” since her last album “Positions” was released four years ago. Grande revealed on her Instagram that she “[wanted to share you with this. It’s kind of a concept album because it’s all different, like, heightened pieces of the same story, of the same experience.”

    Along with her lustrous singing career, Grande also starred in the 2008 Broadway production of “13” and played Cat Valentine in the “Victorious” series on Nickelodeon. Before leaving Nickelodeon, Grande pursued her passion for music, and released her first hit single in Dec. 2011, titled “Put Your Hearts Up.” Grande also had her own show called “Sam and Cat” which slowly started rising her acting career from 2013 to 2014. In that same year, she made a chart debut with “The Way” featuring Mac Miller. This song acted as a catalyst for Grande’s internationally recognized music career. 

    Sophomore Bella Hachani has been a longtime fan of Grande, and claims that her songs and style of music is “uplifting and upbeat but also calm and relaxing.” Before Hachani listened to the new single, she thought it would be similar to Grande’s other work, but this song was unexpected. Hachani claims that “it was really different, like dance music.” Even though it was different, she really liked the new style that Grande picked up with the song. The song started slow and eventually picked up the pace. Hachani concluded, “[the song] was very empowering and [about] being yourself, standing up to haters or people who will criticize you or judge you,” and not caring about what people think or say. Since the song was about empowering yourself, Hachani said she was able to connect to it since “sometimes the haters get you down.” After listening to “yes, and?” Hachani thinks that “the album will maybe be reflecting on her original style but also a combination of a new approach, since usually, singles are the teaser to the album.” 

    The song has a groovy beat and goes on about getting through the hate that people show. On The Zach Sang Show, while being interviewed, Grande conveyed that “‘Eternal Sunshine’ of the spotless mind so it’s kind of a concept album which I also haven’t done before,” which is the reason she is not putting out a second single, as she wants the album to be listened in one piece so the concept can be taken in. Fans are speculating that this album is about the hate Grande is getting for dating the actor of Spongebob Squarepants, and this is her comeback against the haters.

    Sophomore Shalisa Ibad, also an avid Grande listener, says that her music gives her a nostalgic feel and reminds her of her childhood. When Ibad listened to the single she noted that “the background beats are amazing and the chorus is so catchy!” and she really hopes the album is going to be like that too. “It talks about how you should live your own life and stop caring so much about what other people think about you. It’s just a really motivating and upbeat song.” 

    As fans eagerly await Grande’s upcoming album, everyone is listening to her single in the meantime, imagining with excitement what the album is going to be like. 


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