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Centennial Field Hockey’s Senior Night

Photos: Sydney Beck / Words: Eliza Andrew

After countless days of long and tiring practices, late nights at away games, and many times of irreplaceable memories, the senior class of 2018 is now able to say goodbye to the team that has served them well for the past 4 years. Centennial’s varsity field hockey team played their last home game on Thursday night, against the Marriotts Ridge Mustangs. The 11 seniors, Lauren Muma, Camden Blevins, Samantha Dippel, Ally Parisi, Callie Andrew, Gracie Rockefeller, Julia Grable, Zahraa Hotait, Kate Reis, Grace Rout, and Meg Thompson (accompanied by their manager, Sarah Kruhm), all had their time in the spotlight as each of their names were called out before their game.

The first half of the game, was neck and neck, with the Centennial defense playing very well. The score at halftime was 1-0 in favor of the Mustangs. After the break, both teams came out stronger than ever. The game was tough for both teams, but in the end, Marriotts Ridge came out with a 4-0 victory.  We congratulate the seniors on a great four years!

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Centennial Tightens up on Security

Words: Julia Stitely

While students relaxed during their summer break, dedicated workers made Centennial High School a safer place, installing 30 cameras around the school’s campus. The last security addition was back in 2014 when a couple of cameras were added in the back hallways.

The purchase of the cameras and a new monitor was mainly due to a few cases of vandalism outside of the school. Around the first week of August, Principal Hafets received a call about a car on the turf field.

“Now there was no damage, fortunately, but because of these new cameras,”said Hafets, “we were able to see the car, we were able to get the license plate number, report to the police, and the police were able to charge the two students because they had the license plate number.

Hafets noted that they were not Centennial students.

Cameras weren’t the only addition to the school. Extra locks were installed. Teachers need to swipe their IDs to enter the school.

“They have them in all the elementary schools and they have them in all the middle schools,” Hafets elaborated. “They tend not to have them in too many high schools. I think with our enrollment growing, it was a necessary added  security measure.”

Students using the portables are the most affected by this added security measure. The doors are now on a schedule; they will be open during the five-minute breaks in between class and will lock once the bell rings. In the portable classrooms are extra key swipes in case students need to use the bathroom or enter into the school during the class periods.

Overall, teachers, administrators, parents, and students are happy with the advanced security measures. Michael Guizzotti, school security officer who monitors Centennial throughout the day, sees the great side of the new change. “Always looking for new and better ways to keep the students safe.”

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Centennial Underclassmen Review Their 2016-2017 School Year

Words: Lien Hoang

For Centennial’s underclassmen, the 2016-2017 school year is coming to a close as summer break approaches. Seniors graduated a few weeks ago, so it is now time for the remaining students to leave high school and start their well-anticipated summer break.

Though many students have enjoyed the school year in general, most students are very glad to get out of school. Sophomore Stafford Smith says, “sophomore year was pretty easy for me. I loved my teachers and my classes, I will miss it.” On the other hand, freshman Kyria Windsor says, “I’m glad school is almost over because I’m tired of waking up early, but my year overall was fun because I got to hang out with my friends during school.”

Some students like Michelle Lin and Brook Anderson are already anticipating the 2017-2018 school year because of try-outs and team sports. “I’m so happy that the school year is almost over but I can’t wait for volleyball next year,” Lin said. Anderson is also very glad that school is coming to an end, saying, “It’s been a long year but playing basketball for the Varsity team made it better and more interesting.”


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