Farewell Letter from the Online Editor-In-Chief

Wingspan Readers,

When I became The Wingspan’s Online Editor-in-Chief, it was based on my vision to grow The Wingspan’s online presence. We live in a world where news is constantly happening, and we want to be able to report that news as soon as possible.

So, to grow that online presence, we considered many various improvements – some of which have been implemented over the past year. On day one of this school year, we collectively made the decision to publish online every school day. Having a goal to publish an new article, or announcement, or article, or story, or slideshow, every day has lead to a new precedent for Wingspan. For the first time ever, The Wingspan has published online content every school day this past year.

Looking back at everything that our team has done this year, and every change to our website, I can not wait to see what lies ahead in the many years to come.

With a cliche feeling of bittersweetness, I will now press the “Publish” button for the last time, and turn The Wingspan’s online responsibility over to next years more than capable Online Editor-In-Chief, Emma Harring.

Thanks for allowing me to bring you the news all year long.

For the last time,
Paul Didwall

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