Ellicott City Recovery

Words: Natalie Costa

On August 30, historic Old Ellicott City faced destruction after a very heavy rainfall.

“The first few days were devastating”, said Barrington Sweeney, resident of the township.

The streets were closed down, and many stores had to close due to the erosion of the sidewalks and buildings. Through of all of this, however, Facebook users created the “#ECStrong” to promote information to the public and open up donations to the residents. The community has become closer as a whole.

When asked about the closeness of the community Sweeney said, “We’re having dinners once a week… we have each other’s phone numbers, Facebook pages, everything all connected now”.

On October 7, community members were able to drive through Main Street for the first time. In two weeks, stores will slowly start to open their doors back to the public.

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