Girls’ Basketball Loses to Mt. Hebron on Fundraising Night

Words: Zach Grossman

Photos: Laila Abu-Ghaida

The Centennial Girls’ Varsity Basketball team had an unfortunate loss at home against rival Mount Hebron on Zaching Against Cancer/Future Eagles Night.

At halftime, Mount Hebron had a 5 point lead, leading 18-23. For Future Eagle Night a game of knockout was played at halftime.

For Zaching Against Cancer Night, raffles were held for a Nestle chocolate basket, a Cheesecake Factory gift card, an Aeropostale gift card, a Bath and Body Works bag, a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card, and a Regal Movie gift card. All of the proceeds went to the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation.
In the second half, the Eagles came out strong, but were unable to secure a lead, and ultimately lost 35-47.

The Eagles’ next game is on Friday, February 10, against Long Reach High School.

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