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The Wingspan

What happened to Petraeus?

by Charles Regnante

Washington, D.C. – There’s certainly no shortage of stories throughout history of powerful men having affairs. During World War II, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower had an affair with his charming and alluring personal driver Kay Summersby. While not known to the public, the affair didn’t stop the General from leading the D-day Invasion or becoming the Supreme Allied Commander. “How did he get away with it?” one might ask. There was no such thing as the Internet back in WW2 times.

Fate had different plans for General David Petraeus. By having an affair with his biographer and jogging partner, Paula Broadwell, he was playing with fire. The affair quickly came back to haunt him. Apparently, Broadwell was suspicious of the general’s close personal relationship with a young Tampa socialite named Jill Kelley. After Broadwell sent off a string menacing emails to Kelley, Kelley contacted the FBI. Thus, the FBI started to put the pieces together, and the rest is history.

The sudden loss of Petraeus on the world stage could be viewed as a loss for our country. On the other hand, we can be proud of high ethical standards for our leaders. Our military and our government institutions will be better for it.

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