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Caitlin Martin, Former Wingspan Photographer, Wins Awards at Both State and National Levels

Words: Corey Grable

Caitlin Martin, class of 2013 graduate, has always loved photography, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she really got into it. “I got my first camera, a DSLR, in 2011. I have always liked taking pictures, and I love to focus on equestrian sports, sports in general, and all kinds of animals as well.” She joined the Wingspan photography team last year, and her impact was immediate. Instantly, Martin was taking extremely high quality photographs at some of the most prestigious events such as the Friday night football games, the Volleyball State finals, and the winter musical.  Besides Martin’s supreme picture-taking abilities, she helped out the Wingspan in another key way.

Due to her seemingly limitless knowledge about photography, Martin presented her fellow classmates with a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a photographer of her caliber.  A photographer for the Wingspan this year, sophomore Montana Lowe, credits a lot of her success to Martin’s teachings. “Martin’s photos were super helpful, and changed the way I take pictures, and she has changed how the Wingspan photographers takes pictures,” said Lowe. “She was incredibly helpful with teaching me a lot of key points that I didn’t know before this year.”

However, Martin’s success was not only limited to the Wingspan. Martin, along with balancing school and the newspaper, also is a proficient personal photographer. She has been recognized at both the State and National level for pictures she has taken. A picture taken last February of 4-time state champion and Centennial graduate Nathan Kraisser won a state award from Towson University. This picture depicts Kraisser’s arm being raised by the referee after his fourth and final state championship victory.

Another one of Martin’s numerous out-of-school successes is one of the most well recognized photos of the year. In a PTA “Magic of the Moment” photo competition, Martin’s photograph, detailing a child tenderly touching a horse, won 1st place on the State level, after placing high in the county level.

At the national level of the competition, Martin’s picture won an outstanding 3rd place in her category, receiving an Award of Merit. This award is one of the highest honors a photographer can receive. Martin’s friends, family, and fellow Wingspan members are incredibly supportive of Martin and her impressive achievements.

Junior Kris Berry, a member of the Wingspan, said, “It’s awesome that someone from our paper made such an impact on a national level. I think Martin really deserves this award. She is always working hard, and looking for ways to improve herself and the others around her.” He added, “I know for a fact that the photography branch of the Wingspan has definitely improved with her on the staff.”

Martin is not staying for a second year with the Wingspan, as she has graduated a year early. She will attend Howard Community College in the fall, and then transfer to Johnson & Wales University.

Martin also runs her own website that showcases many more of her spectacular photos. Click Here to view some sports, theater, and other great shots, or Click Here to view her video production business website.




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