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The Wingspan

The Wingspan

Homecoming Week

Words: Emma Harring

Contributor: Miranda Mason

Spirit Week: The order of the spirit days has been announced and will be as follows:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Twin/Multiplicity Day

Wednesday: Character Day

Thursday: Decades Day

Friday: Color Day

Homecoming Tickets: This year, homecoming tickets will be sold for less money if you buy them sooner. On Monday, tickets will be sold for 17 dollars, on Tuesday they will be sold for 18 dollars, and the rest of the week, tickets will be sold for full price at 20 dollars. Students cannot purchase tickets if they have obligations, and all students must present a dance agreement form at the time of purchase (if students attended a dance earlier this school year, they do not need to turn in another form).

Paint on Face: Students will be allowed to have paint on their face; however, paint must be applied before they arrive at school. If paint covers the entire face, is found distracting, found on walls or in the bathroom, or if other problems ensue, privileges will be taken away.

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