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Tips for Homecoming: SAVE THE DATE 9/20/14 7PM-10PM

Words: Amanda Ali


The time of the year has finally come. Many students have been anticipating the moment when they get to witness or even be a part of homecoming proposals, dress up and take pictures with friends, and have a blast dancing the night away.

With Homecoming right around the corner, it seems almost impossible to get everything ready in time, but here are a few tips to make sure you are all prepared:

1. Get Your Outfit Early.

  • Ladies, none of you want to be the ones who go to the mall the day before Homecoming and stress about not finding a dress. Knowing that Homecoming is two weeks from now, you should hit up different stores this weekend to find the perfect dress. Don’t forget to check out those stores that have nice dresses at an amazing price, such as Forever 21 and JC Penny’s. Once you get your dress situation figured out, it’s better to decide on your hairstyle, shoes, and makeup before the big day as well. That way, you will have everything ready for Homecoming day, and you will not have to worry about any of those details.
  • Fellas, you may have an easier time getting your outfit prepared for Homecoming than girls do, but there is still a lot to think about. If you bring a date to Homecoming, make sure both of your colors match when dealing with a dress and a tie. If you don’t want to dress too nice for Homecoming, you may want to represent a more casual style, such as dress pants and a button-up shirt.
  • Corsages. Many people choose to figure out corsages closer to the Homecoming date, but you might want to put your orders in now just in case anything happens to them.

2. Organize A Group To Take Pictures.

  • Whether it’s through a Facebook group or a group message, make sure there is some sort of organized communication that you can have with everyone in your group. Keep a list of how many people can come to pictures and how many cannot come. Start planning where everyone is going for pictures and decide if people are getting ready together.

3. Figure Out Dinner Before the Dance.

  • If you want to go all out, making reservations at a nice restaurant prior to the Homecoming day is a great idea, but make sure you manage out your timing between being at the restaurant and leaving for the dance. A nice way to save money and keep things casual is to host a potluck at someone’s house where everyone brings a type of food dish with them. Whether you have dinner at a top-notch restaurant or decide to order-in pizza, dinner will be a great appetizer to the main event.

4. Find Transportation.

  • Taking pictures and eating before Homecoming is great, but it would mean nothing if you did not have a ride to the dance. Before the day of Homecoming, you should figure out who is driving whom to the dance, and who is driving whom back home. If a parent is picking you up, make sure they know when the dance starts and when it ends. Make sure you do not get to the dance too late because long lines will be forming at the front of the school to check everyone in who bought tickets.

Start planning all of the details now because the dance will come by a lot sooner than you think, and I hope you have a great Homecoming!

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