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2015 Graduates’ Advice to Rising Seniors

Words: Ashley Berry

For most people, senior year is a last “hoorah;” a year to celebrate your time at Centennial. It is also a time to plan for the future: sending in college applications, applying for jobs, enlisting in the military, etc. Although it is an important year, many seniors develop a condition know as “Senioritis.” The graduated class of 2015 has been through it all. Together, they walked the halls of Centennial through freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year. To the class of 2016 from the class of 2015, here is some wise advice:


“In general, just treasure your time with everyone around you. I know I said I couldn’t wait until senior year ended, but honestly, when it ends you will wish everything got to stay the same.”

-Amanda Ali


“For senior year, just enjoy being a kid one last [time]. Nail whatever you put your mind to, try new things, and if you’re given an opportunity, take it! Live it up!”

-Daniel Giangrandi


“The best advice I could offer is to never lose focus on your priorities, even though [during] senior year it becomes easy to. Try to maintain good habits because the year flies by, and the next thing you know you’ll be preparing to be a freshman in college. Also make the most of senior year and take advantage of the time you have with your friends because you’ll blink and it’ll be over with.”

-Anna Mitchell


“The start of senior year is rough, and you can’t go into it slacking off immediately because you still have to get into college.”

-Jordan Burk


“My advice is to have fun and remember these last few months of high school. I wish I knew how fast the year flew by.”

-Corey Grable


“My advice would be to get your college applications done early and to cherish the fun moments because the school year goes by so fast!”

-Kimmy Eads


“Start working on college applications in the summer. There’s a lot of tedious work that you can get out of the way beforehand because those deadlines come up fast. Also, enjoy every moment of senior year. Don’t skip the activities because you think you’re too cool or that no one’s going – these are moments you will never be able to get back. I wish I would have known how quickly the year goes by.”
-Giana Han


“I would say to keep an open mind and try as many new things as you can before you graduate. I’ve had some great experiences this year and they wouldn’t have been possible without an open minded attitude and my closest friends near by.”

-Meghan Kelley


“Don’t get caught up in any unnecessary drama. Just enjoy your last year at home and make the most of it.”

-Monika Buczak

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What HoCo Kids Do on Snow Days Video

Created by: Amanda Ali and Giana Han

Check out our video about what high school students from around the county did with their snow days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7rN3TvFVHM

Contributions from:

Abby Vall, Amanda Ali, Anna Mitchell, Ashley Berry, Bree Han, Chy Murali, Giana Han, Jonah Drenning, Madhu Lal, Mark Horton, Maryam Elhabashy, Mr. Mike, Miranda Mason, Sammy Kastner, Sandy Eichhorn, Mevie Henderson, Sarah Surcke, Katherine Chiu, Josefine Jensen, Sarah Harbinson, Emily Kimberl, Monika Buczak, Bobby Nasafi, Pooja Patel, Michelle Atmar, Elijah White, Erin Rogers, Giovanna Alli, Nathan Ordowski, Mikey Rutkowski, Nicholas Lui, Sammy Lala, Rachel Snead, Alli Eastham, Kalere Caldwell, Hope Kelly, Gina Netreba, Jan Dlugos, Livvy and Sam Black, Sam Samples, Faith Leslie, Carmen, Gaby Christopher, Kelly Surkovic, Cassidy Pham, Greta Schuster, Amaka
Chukwujekwu, Mary Johnson, Samantha Mesol, Brendan Smith, Nick Bounacors, Brice Kolheim, Erin Clarke, Jenna Boulin


“Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars

“Yeah” by Usher

“Sandstorm” by Darude

“Don Omar” by Donza Kuduro

“Best Day of My Life” by American Authors

“1, 2 Step” by Ciara

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Jingle Bell Banquet Welcomed the Holiday Spirit

Words: Amanda Ali

Over many years at Centennial High School, the SGA has hosted an event called the Jingle Bell Banquet. This year, the annual service event was held on Dec. 4 in the school’s cafeteria.

The SGA invited senior citizens living in senior homes in the community to have a holiday meal and of course, dessert. They then treated these seniors with the first showing of the Winter Spectacular, as well as a decorated scarf for each of them. Not only does the SGA have to check scheduling conflicts and budget their money, but they also have to work with local bus companies in order to provide the seniors with transportation.

The Fine Arts Department is greatly involved in the banquet when it comes to giving the seniors discounts on admission to the Winter Spectacular, and the SGA invites Centennial performance groups to put on a show during the feast. This year, Centennial’s Drill Team was asked to put on a holiday number, and danced to “Jingle Bell Rock” for the seniors.

The SGA dedicates much of their time into running this event, but they enjoy every moment of it. Senior SGA Vice President Julia Zhen stated, “This was my fourth consecutive year volunteering for [this event]. It’s definitely up there as one of SGA’s favorite events we do all year because we get to directly help out our community during the holiday season.”

“Lots of our guests this year remember the Jingle Bell Banquet from year’s past, and they love the Winter Spectacular!” said Zhen. “It really just helps to cultivate a great reputation for Centennial.”

Zhen and the rest of the SGA achieved their goal in making this banquet a success yet again, and Centennial cannot wait to see what other events they plan throughout the year!

Wingspan is Thankful this Thanksgiving

Words: The Wingspan Team

The Wingspan team has a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season, from our award winning news magazine to the great people that are on the team.

We are given opportunities every day to be grateful for what already exists in our lives. Every weekday, at 7:25 am, I am reminded of how grateful I am for my students and for all members of the Wingspan team. These individuals invest the minds, hearts, and souls into bringing you the news and sharing the stories that make a difference. To all of you: thank you. My life is enriched because you are in it.


I am grateful to all the wonderful opportunities that have presented themselves to me and the promising future ahead.

~Amanda Krew

I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences that the Wingspan has provided me during my journalism career and will continue to provide in the coming years.

~Madhu Lal

I am thankful that I am apart of an amazing community at Centennial. It is the greatest thing to know that you are part of place that inspires happiness and giving.

~Chythanya Murali

I’m thankful for Netflix!

~Amanda Ali

I’m thankful for my family and friends for always supporting me.  I’d also like to thank VW for everything he does for the journalism program.

~Martha Hutzell

I’m thankful to live in such a safe, supportive community.

~Anna Mitchell

I’m thankful to have caring and trustworthy friends.

~Sammy Kastner

I’m thankful for J1 kids that do work at a moments notice and for my family, friends, and anyone who has a positive  impact on my life.

~Corey Grable

I am thankful for my family and safe travels.

~Jonah Drenning

I’m thankful for being able to wake up every day safe and healthy and for the chance to achieve anything I choose.

~Sabrina Han

I am thankful the Wingspan team that gave me a place where I can follow my dreams and be myself.   I’m also thankful for my wonderful friends and family, including my sister who I get to spend every first period with in the Wingspan room.  And for VW who never stops supporting us.

~Giana Han


Centennial’s SGA Continues to Make Changes with Eagle Time

Words: Amanda Ali

On Oct. 28, every member of the Student Government Association, better known as the SGA, at Centennial attended a meeting after school in the media center to discuss urgent matters dealing with the school.

Centennial’s SGA consists of four executive board members, four appointed officers, and two elected freshman representatives. The members of SGA have already made many changes to Centennial such as bringing back the Battle of the Classes, which will occur in April. Another change that will take place is the absence of a winter pep rally, due to last years’ feedback.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, SGA discussed many upcoming events such as Movie Night, the Sadie Hawkins Dance on March 13, the annual Jingle Bell Banquet on Dec. 4, and Eagle Time.

Eagle Time is an enormous change for Centennial, and it will start on Nov. 19 and last until the New Year. At that time, the SGA and administration will evaluate student and teacher feedback to see if this event will continue for the school.

“[Eagle Time] is basically a gift of time for students,” said junior SGA president, Pranav Ganapathy. It is a 25-minute passing period that will take place every Wednesday before period 3. During this time, students will be able to go to the cafeteria, media center, a teacher for help, student services, club meetings, or remain in their period 2 class. They will not be able to go to the gym, auditorium, outside, or remain in the hallways. The schedule for Eagle Time will be the same as the NEST homeroom schedule, and there will be bells to clarify when this event starts and when it ends.

“Eagle Time gives a standardized 25-minute time period in the day for students to catch up on what they need and to utilize the entire school for their needs,” said Ganapathy. “Many schools around the state have successfully implemented a system like this and I thought that Centennial would very much benefit from it.”

Along with Eagle Time, Centennial teachers will also have the option of providing students with Academic Intervention, otherwise known as Study Hall. Academic Intervention is not mandatory for teachers to give to all students, but freshmen students will be provided with it.

Although some teachers give their students study halls, others choose not to give it to students. Eagle Time gives students the chance to get help and work together with their clubs to prevent them from staying after school to do so.

“I believe it will benefit our school because Centennial is such a rigorous academic atmosphere that students truly deserve a break,” said Ganapathy.

Crab Feast: First Senior Event of Many to Come

Words: Amanda Ali

Excitement filled the air once seniors walked through the halls and were hit with the wonderful aroma of crabs Thursday night. They were able to hang out with their friends and eat crabs as they got to experience their first official senior event at Centennial, the senior Crab Feast.

Seniors prepared days before this event by gathering groups and making classic shirts to fit with the theme of Crab Feast. They showcased their talent with puffy paint through their colorful and creative t-shirts and made sure to snap some pictures with their groups before the night was over. Some of these brilliant shirts included phrases such as “I want Crabulous,” “Where my old bae at?”We’re bringing Crabby back,” “Can you feel it now Mr. Krabs?” and “Seaniors.”

Once they entered the cafeteria, they were greeted by set-up tables and music to jam to and delicious food to eat before the main dish, CRABS. Seniors were also given the opportunity to do karaoke during the event, and many of them did not pass it up. From throwing it back to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys to rapping vigorously to “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj and pouring their singing skills out to “Diamonds” by Rihanna and choreographing a hilarious dance number, seniors clearly showed that they were having a great time.

Crab Feast was not only for seniors to enjoy crabs, but also for them to value the last year that they have together before they all go their separate ways after high school ends. Although this senior class still has the rest of the year, it feels as though it is going by way too fast. This event reminded them to cherish their last year of high school, and made them excited for what else is in store their senior year.

Centennial’s It’s Academic Team Rises to the Top

Words: Amanda Ali

It’s Academic is back at it again, starting off at the top of the competition. On Saturday, September 27, Centennial’s 2014-2015 It’s Academic team dominated their first match on the It’s Academic TV Show at WJZ TV studios. Centennial defeated Atholton and Thomas Johnson with a final score greater than the scores of the other two teams combined.  They showed a perfect performance as the team answered every competitive question and directed question and ended with no incorrect responses given throughout the entire show.

The team is filled with extremely dedicated and intellectual individuals that showcase their skills through their competitions. The three teammates that represented Centennial in the competition were senior captain Ryan Heslin, senior Anant Mishra, and junior Gary Tse. Heslin previously won the TV championship of the Baltimore metropolitan region when he was a sophomore at Centennial. “I am very proud of how hard Ryan, Anant, and Gary worked to become such a brilliant and cohesive team,” said team advisor Dr. Eric Seifter. This was Heslin’s ninth TV taping for Centennial’s It’s Academic team, Mishra’s fourth TV taping, and Tse’s very first TV taping.

The It’s Academic Club consists of 55 members. Four to six teams composed of four students each are chosen and sent to numerous weekend quiz bowl tournaments throughout the entire school year. Not only are the teammates dedicated enough to devote much of their time to this team, but they also continue to practice their skills in order to consistently rise on the path to success. Centennial’s team has won the Baltimore TV It’s Academic championship a total of five times in the past eleven years of competing. These students are able to broadcast their intelligence during these competitions, and it does not go unnoticed.

Centennial’s It’s Academic Club and Team practice every Tuesday after school for about three hours. Throughout the year, they never seem to stop their dedication to the team and even go above and beyond to volunteer at Burleigh Manor Middle School in order to train their middle school team.

On November 9, Centennial will be hosting 72 teams from Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This is the team’s biggest fundraiser of the year, and many club members, parents, and NHS students help to make sure the event is a success.

“I want the students to experience the success that comes from hard work, dedication, team-building, and a culture of excellence and consistent playing,” said Seifter, “Most importantly, we stress good sportsmanship, fair play, and comradery during the competitions.”

If the team continues to excel like they did this past Saturday, they will continue to achieve great success in their future. The next TV taping competition will be on February 28. Don’t forget to catch the airing of the competition on WJZ Channel 13 on November 15 and the next day online at WJZ.com. We all hope to see Centennial’s It’s Academic team continue to succeed in their many competitions to come!