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Centennial’s SGA Continues to Make Changes with Eagle Time

Words: Amanda Ali

On Oct. 28, every member of the Student Government Association, better known as the SGA, at Centennial attended a meeting after school in the media center to discuss urgent matters dealing with the school.

Centennial’s SGA consists of four executive board members, four appointed officers, and two elected freshman representatives. The members of SGA have already made many changes to Centennial such as bringing back the Battle of the Classes, which will occur in April. Another change that will take place is the absence of a winter pep rally, due to last years’ feedback.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, SGA discussed many upcoming events such as Movie Night, the Sadie Hawkins Dance on March 13, the annual Jingle Bell Banquet on Dec. 4, and Eagle Time.

Eagle Time is an enormous change for Centennial, and it will start on Nov. 19 and last until the New Year. At that time, the SGA and administration will evaluate student and teacher feedback to see if this event will continue for the school.

“[Eagle Time] is basically a gift of time for students,” said junior SGA president, Pranav Ganapathy. It is a 25-minute passing period that will take place every Wednesday before period 3. During this time, students will be able to go to the cafeteria, media center, a teacher for help, student services, club meetings, or remain in their period 2 class. They will not be able to go to the gym, auditorium, outside, or remain in the hallways. The schedule for Eagle Time will be the same as the NEST homeroom schedule, and there will be bells to clarify when this event starts and when it ends.

“Eagle Time gives a standardized 25-minute time period in the day for students to catch up on what they need and to utilize the entire school for their needs,” said Ganapathy. “Many schools around the state have successfully implemented a system like this and I thought that Centennial would very much benefit from it.”

Along with Eagle Time, Centennial teachers will also have the option of providing students with Academic Intervention, otherwise known as Study Hall. Academic Intervention is not mandatory for teachers to give to all students, but freshmen students will be provided with it.

Although some teachers give their students study halls, others choose not to give it to students. Eagle Time gives students the chance to get help and work together with their clubs to prevent them from staying after school to do so.

“I believe it will benefit our school because Centennial is such a rigorous academic atmosphere that students truly deserve a break,” said Ganapathy.

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