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    Wingspan is Thankful this Thanksgiving

    Words: The Wingspan Team

    The Wingspan team has a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season, from our award winning news magazine to the great people that are on the team.

    We are given opportunities every day to be grateful for what already exists in our lives. Every weekday, at 7:25 am, I am reminded of how grateful I am for my students and for all members of the Wingspan team. These individuals invest the minds, hearts, and souls into bringing you the news and sharing the stories that make a difference. To all of you: thank you. My life is enriched because you are in it.


    I am grateful to all the wonderful opportunities that have presented themselves to me and the promising future ahead.

    ~Amanda Krew

    I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences that the Wingspan has provided me during my journalism career and will continue to provide in the coming years.

    ~Madhu Lal

    I am thankful that I am apart of an amazing community at Centennial. It is the greatest thing to know that you are part of place that inspires happiness and giving.

    ~Chythanya Murali

    I’m thankful for Netflix!

    ~Amanda Ali

    I’m thankful for my family and friends for always supporting me.  I’d also like to thank VW for everything he does for the journalism program.

    ~Martha Hutzell

    I’m thankful to live in such a safe, supportive community.

    ~Anna Mitchell

    I’m thankful to have caring and trustworthy friends.

    ~Sammy Kastner

    I’m thankful for J1 kids that do work at a moments notice and for my family, friends, and anyone who has a positive  impact on my life.

    ~Corey Grable

    I am thankful for my family and safe travels.

    ~Jonah Drenning

    I’m thankful for being able to wake up every day safe and healthy and for the chance to achieve anything I choose.

    ~Sabrina Han

    I am thankful the Wingspan team that gave me a place where I can follow my dreams and be myself.   I’m also thankful for my wonderful friends and family, including my sister who I get to spend every first period with in the Wingspan room.  And for VW who never stops supporting us.

    ~Giana Han


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