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Day of the Girl Funds Help Haitian Family


Words: Chythanya Murali

The Delta Scholars used the money raised from Day of the Girl yellow ribbon sales to purchase a female goat for a family of four in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Day of the Girl was celebrated at Centennial High early last month as a weeklong event that concluded with festivities. The movement is an international one which strives to end violence against women and empower them for the future. Yellow ribbons were sold throughout the week at a dollar each in support of the cause, and the funds were used to help out the family in Haiti.

Three-fourths of the money raised was used to buy a female goat for the family. The goat can be sold along with any offspring it produces to provide the family a means of income. The money made from the goat will help keep food on the table as well as keep both children in school since public education is not free in the area. The family is still recovering from the devastating earthquake in 2010, and now will be able to help themselves in that process of recovery.

Ms. Mckinnon, a special education teacher at Centennial, is planning to host a club to continue supporting the Day of the Girl movement in January. The club has yet to be named.


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