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Eagle Time- Study Hall or Social Hour?


Photos: Michael Merkey

Words: Melinda Gwanzura

Late last year, Centennial High School’s N.E.S.T. program collaborated with the school’s administration to create a program now known as “Eagle Time.” This program was seen as such  a success last year that the Centennial administration decided to implement Eagle Time to twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of providing it once a week on Wednesdays between second and third period.

The idea was originally designed to offer a time period during school hours for students to meet teachers and discuss any concerns or questions regarding school. Eagle Time has significantly evolved from being just a study hall for teachers and students to a period where students and faculty members are able to re-energize.

Starting this school year, Eagle Time no longer just allows students to catch up academically but it also allows them to catch up socially, with students that may not have the same classes as them. Students are now no longer limited to wandering and socializing in the generic cafeteria, classrooms, auditorium and library but are now also encouraged to get active and physical in the gym and other areas of the school excluding the hallways, according to principal Claire Hafets.

When asked about Eagle Time, Moroti Adewole, a freshman, said, “I think that Eagle Time is good and I get to see and chill with my friends that I don’t have classes with!”

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