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Red Cross Blood Drive

Words: Jacob Mauer

The winter season brings with it a theme of giving, and along with this theme comes the Red Cross blood drive. The Red Cross is coming to Centennial High School to collect blood donations from students over the age of 16, who sign up. Once the blood has been collected, it is screened and then distributed to local hospitals to help benefit those in need.

If you wish to donate blood, you must be 16 or older and weigh more than 110 pounds. Consent forms must be filled out by both the donor’s parents and the student’s teachers. If the donator signing up is 17 or older, a parental signature is not required.

Jeffrey Li, a Centennial student, is leading the blood drive along with the Red Cross to bring in as many people as they can. Their goal this year is to achieve 50 donations. About 90 forms have been distributed, but there are still many time slots that Li wants to have filled. This, according to Li, is why the deadline has been pushed back to Friday, December 18.

Li hopes to bring the drive up from an annual event to bi-annually. The blood drive in 2014 met it’s goals and this one is set to break it’s goal as well.

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