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Cultural Masks

Cultural Masks

March 16, 2016

Words: Jacob Mauer Photos: Madhu Lal Guest Photographer: Danielle Kalivretenos Centennial students in Mr. Hanssen’s Art II and Art II GT classes have begun making masks. The masks, when finished, will...

Blue Ocean Competition

March 2, 2016

Words: Jacob Mauer Blue Ocean Strategy is a book about entrepreneurship by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. The Blue Ocean Competition is an event put together by the authors and FBLA, Future Business...

Tennis Interest Meeting

February 3, 2016

Words: Jacob Mauer A mandatory meeting for Centennial’s Tennis has been rescheduled due to winter storm Jonas. The meeting has now been rescheduled for Thursday, February 4. The meeting will be held...

Red Cross Blood Drive

December 17, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer The winter season brings with it a theme of giving, and along with this theme comes the Red Cross blood drive. The Red Cross is coming to Centennial High School to collect blood donations...

Hour of Code

December 11, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer The Hour of Code Maryland Contest is back in 2015. This is a contest created by the Maryland State Department of Education,  where a $10,000 of technology donation to the public school...

Black Friday: How It’s Changed

November 26, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer Traditionally, Thanksgiving was a time for appreciating family, food, and all that we hold dear to us. This contrasts greatly with the Black Friday controlled Thanksgiving we celebrate...

Terp Tuesday

Terp Tuesday

October 6, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer Photos: Izzie Chausse Tuesday, October 6  is the second day of Centennial's Spirit Week and also Maryland Day. Maryland attire such as hats, shirts, pants, and other Maryland colors...

How Centennial Students Can Manage Stress

September 24, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer Students are put through many levels of stress on a daily basis both at school and at home. Students find that learning to manage stress is the key to success. The causes of stress...

Centennial’s Online Store

September 16, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer To remove the many hassles of having to deliver payments to Centennial, the school has implemented an online payment option available directly from the school’s website under the "Essential...

Schedule Changes

September 3, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer Schedule change requests are currently available to all Centennial students. The orange forms can be found on the student aid desk at Student Services. The form requires students to...

Have A Great Summer!

June 19, 2015

Words: Sandy Eichhorn The 2015-2016 Wingspan Team wishes everyone a safe and fun summer!

Lines of Love Coffee House

February 8, 2015

Words: Jacob Mauer On Jan. 30, Lines of Love hosted their third annual coffee house. The doors to the event opened at 6:00 pm at Centennial High School. Once $4 was paid as admission, the audience could...

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