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SAT: Old vs. New

Words: Melinda Gwanzura

On Saturday, March 5, various students took the new version of the SAT. Some students were retaking the exam, while others were taking it for the first time.

Junior Quentin Lehman, one of the students who took both the old and new SAT, said the old SAT was much more challenging, “ There was way more sections in the first one and it was much more tedious compared to the newer one.” Lehman went on to state, “ I personally feel that the new version is a much better assessment because we had more time to answer the questions due to the shorter sections.”

Similarly, students who took only the new version agreed that the assessment was relatively easy. Juniors Charlotte DeCarlo, Michael Martinitis, and Melissa Nussbaum all agreed that the level of intensity of the new version of the SAT was only a 6 out of 10. The three also concurred that the math section of the test was the most difficult portion.

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