Introducing Ms. Moore

Words: Caroline Chu

This school year, Lynnette Moore was hired as an Assistant Principal for Centennial High School. She had previously served as an administrator at Howard High School for four and a half years.

Moore originally hails from Howard County, Maryland; she attended kindergarten at Stevens Forest Elementary School in Columbia, Maryland, and moved to New Jersey later on in life.

She describes the faculty and students of Centennial as “warm and welcoming.” An experience she has appreciated is members of the school community popping their heads into her office “just to say hello.”

Outside of school, Moore enjoys running races, including 10-kilometer, 5-kilometer, and trail races. Moore has been running since 2006. She is currently preparing for a trail race on October 2, which will help train her for the Army 10-miler on October 9.

Moore states she feels “fortunate” to have been placed at Centennial High School.

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