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The Wingspan

The Wingspan

The Chamber Orchestra performing at the Pops Concert

Pops Concert

Teju Reddi and Kinza Nadeem June 9, 2023

With many outstanding concerts of this year, the Pops Concert this May has truly stood out as spectacular, leaving many students excited for future performances. While it was the last concert at Centennial...


The “Spy Balloon” explained

Teju Reddi March 31, 2023

On February 2, 2023, NBC News alerted citizens of a balloon floating over the United States. Shortly after, on February 4, it was shot down by the Air Force off the coast of South Carolina at 2:39 P.M....

What is on your teacher’s desk?

Teju Reddi February 22, 2023

A work environment can say a lot about its inhabitants. In this photo series, we took a look at some of Centennial’s favorite teacher’s desks and their choice of adornments. We gained inspiration...

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