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    Students’ Hopes for 2017

    Words: Abby Vall

    As Centennial students prepare  for the winter season and the end of 2016, many are thinking about their hopes for 2017.

    Junior Sarah Kruhm hopes to get her driver’s license next year and to stop relying on the bus and her parents for rides. Kruhm also wants to take the next step as an Eagle and be more involved in school events, clubs, and honor societies.

    Junior Tim Russell believes we should try to better ourselves no matter the occasion or time of year, but if that’s what it takes for someone to do so, then good for them. Some students like senior Maddie Caldis believe in New Year’s resolutions and hopes to live each day of 2017 to its fullest potential.

    As well as living each day to its fullest, Caldis hopes to graduate from Centennial and succeed in her first semester of college.

    New beginnings bring time for change as these students venture to new stages in life, whether they are preparing to depart from the eagle’s nest or further their adventures at Centennial in 2017.  

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