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Centennial’s Pencils of Promise Club

Words: Harshitha Sayini

The October 23 bake sale for Pencils of Promise was a success! Pencils of Promise, a club created by both Aneisa Babkir and Minah An, is a small version of the non-profit organization that helps build schools and increase educational developments in third world countries.

The goal for this bake sale was to raise at least $50 through the sale of brownies and cookies. The money collected will be sent to the organization as donation money.

Students seemed eager to grab a few baked goods during their after-school activities in the hallway across the gym. Members of the club are actively participating to raise money throughout the rest of the school year.

Club member Moroti Adewole said, “I thought the bake sale went well. Sales were good initially. The deal change of $1 for one item to $1 for two items attracted more people and the items sold out quicker. Considering a lot of people brought money, the profit was a lot!” The club hopes to gain more members and hold more fundraisers in this coming year.

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