Centennial Varsity Field Hockey Starts the Season with a Triumph Over Long Reach


Words and Photos: Natalie Knight-Griffin

Centennial’s Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey team took the field today in their first game of the season against Long Reach High School.

The Eagles started off strong as senior forward Abby Doff scored the first goal within the first two minutes of the game. There was a steady back and forth during the first half as Long Reach worked hard to keep up with the pace.

Due to excessive heat, there were mandatory water breaks every 10 minutes. Despite the exhausting high temperatures, the girls worked tirelessly with a 2-0 lead. Junior Lauren Karasack, playing forward, scored a goal for the Eagles, followed by another successful shot from senior Marta Pochop, playing wing. Long Reach scored their first goal close to the half, making the score 3-1.

In the second half, the Eagles continued to take the lead with Karasack scoring once again. Long Reach failed to keep up as the Eagles continually possessed the ball. The score increased to 7-1 as sophomore defensive player Jane Hudson scored in addition to a second goal from Doff.

The Eagles won with a final score of 7-1.

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