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Climate Change Action Continues at Centennial


Words: Emily Hollwedel

Photo Contributed by: Austin Roch

On Friday, December 6, numerous Centennial students stood up from the warmth of their third period classes and exited the building to promote a worldwide climate change operation. The intent of this walkout was to promote awareness of the crisis posed by global warming and climate change around the globe. 

The protest was conducted by the Young Socialist Movement (YSM), who promoted saving the Earth from distressing altercations within the environment. Students attended the walkout at Centennial’s stadium for fifteen minutes, and advocated their message. 

Later the same day, another walkout took place in Old Ellicott City concerning the same topic. This walkout was conducted not only by the YSM, but also by the Sunrise Movement. In front of the George Howard Building, several students gave speeches about the impact of climate change, including Kayla Moore, a Centennial senior and member of the Lumbee Tribe in North Dakota. Her powerful words discussed the negative impacts climate change would have on Native Americans throughout the country and the world. 

Ali Abrahim, another senior who participated in both walkouts, said that he was very happy with the turnout for those in support of climate justice. “I’m proud to be a student at a school with such a strong sense of justice and the willingness to bring it about.” 


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