Centennial Hosts a Counselor Corner

Words: Sarah Paz

On Friday, May 29, and June 5, Centennial High School counselors organized a Counselor Corner for juniors at 12:00pm. The objective of the meetings was to answer student’s questions about how the college admissions process has been affected by COVID-19.

On Friday, June 12, Centennial’s counselors hosted another Counselor Corner for all grades.

“Normally at this time of year, CHS juniors begin to ask questions about college prep. We thought one way to capture the questions was through a Google Meet… [to] reach more students,” explained Ellen Mauser, a Centennial school counselor.

Mauser encouraged all students to ask for help if there are any concerns.

“I hear many graduates say that the process of applying to college seemed overwhelming when they were in the middle of it,” stated Mauser. “Asking for help or guidance made the process much easier [for students].”

She reassured rising seniors: “be kind to others — it really matters,” and of course to “enjoy being a senior and [to] try not to worry about what’s to come.”

If you missed either session, more information can be found in the Centennial High School’s Student Resources under Modules in the tab labeled “11 Grade Spring Lesson.”

Frequently asked questions can be found in the Centennial High School Student Resources announcements section called “Topic: Friday, June 5th 12 – 1pm, Counselor’s Corner for Rising Seniors, Part II.”

There will be another Counselor Corner session for other grades on June 19 at 12:00pm.


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