National Writing Day 2020

Adithi Soogoor

Attention all Centennial students! This Tuesday, October 20, is National Writing Day; a day to celebrate creative writing. Students can participate by joining online workshops hosted by Advanced Composition classes or by decorating rocks, driveways, and baked goods with their favorite quotes, words, or phrases.

Two workshop sessions will be held by students during lunch via Google Meets. The first one will begin at 11:00am (CHS-COBRIEN-NWD1) and the second at 11:35am (CHS-COBRIEN-NWD2). Both meetings will last 25 minutes.

Students who decide to chalk their driveways with a quote, paint rocks with their favorite words, or make baked goods decorated with their favorite words or phrases are encouraged to post their creations to social media using the hashtags #nwd2020 and #chswrites. 

There will also be creative writing prompts posted on social media throughout the week to foster a love of writing in our community. All students are encouraged to participate in any of these events throughout the course of the week.


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