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Centennial Girls’ Varsity Basketball Faces Devastating Loss Against Marriotts Ridge

Words: Sasha Allen

Photos: Adithi Soogoor

On Wednesday, January 9, the girls’ Varsity basketball team played a tense game against Marriotts Ridge, losing by a final score of 48-36.

The first quarter started out slow, with both teams keeping up strong defense. With just over five minutes left in the quarter senior, Jordan Dossett scored the Eagles their first basket of the game. However, in less than thirty seconds, the Mustangs came back to score a basket, leaving them with a slight edge against the Eagles for the first quarter.

In a stressful second quarter, Marriotts Ridge barely held their lead in the game due to Centennial’s strong defensive play. The quarter ended with a score of 22-17, giving Marriotts Ridge a five-point lead.

The Eagles desperately tried to make up the points that they had lost, but by the middle of the third quarter, the Mustangs had a six-point lead and were not backing down. The Eagles tried to bring the score up ending the quarter at 34-29, slightly in favor of the Mustangs.

In a last attempt to bring back the game after ending the third quarter, the Eagles pushed to stay on the offense. With only five minutes left and a score of 38-30, the Eagles called a last-minute timeout in a tense moment to motivate the team. After the timeout, both teams surged with a last burst of energy, and with just over a minute left in the game the Eagles scored their last point.

The Mustangs’ offense was no match for the Eagles as they went on to score four more points, winning 48-36.

The Eagles play their next game on Friday, January 11 against Glenelg.]

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The Wolves of Howard County

Words: Sasha Allen

Photos: Adithi Soogoor

With the winter sports season here, many of Centennial’s students have tried out for or are on a winter sports team. One of the biggest winter sports, however, is ice hockey, and, to the surprise of many students, Centennial actually has an ice hockey team.

This club has been around for a while, and was originally one of the first Maryland Scholastic Hockey League teams, founded for the 1988-1989 season. However, the team merged with Long Reach in the 2016-17 season. This year, the Long Reach and Centennial team has combined with Wilde Lake, Hammond, and Oakland Mills because of the lack of players. This merged, co-ed team is called the Wolves. There are actually only 2 students on the team from Centennial, Julia Reynolds and Kyle Duff.

Throughout the winter, the team, which is made up of 24 students, plays against Howard County schools over the course of nine games. Along with the nine games, the team has around ten practices for about 2 hours each.  

Summer Shen, a junior at Centennial, participated in the team her freshman and sophomore years, but is injured and cannot play this season. She had been playing hockey since eighth grade, so she was devastated that she was not able to participate this year. Originally a gymnast, Shen had decided to try out a new sport and was influenced by her younger brother to take on ice hockey. Shen says, “I decided to pick up the sport and immediately loved it.”  

Most of the 24 players participate on a club team as well as their school team, but there are a couple of players who had little to no experience before playing for the Wolves.

At a recent game on January 4, the Wolves played the Hebron Vikings. The first goal was scored by the Wolves, but they ended up losing the game 7-1. Less than half of the team was present at the Friday night game, so most of the players played the majority of the game. At the beginning of the game, both teams came together to award the senior players on each team, announcing their name and achievements.

This was the team’s second to last game of the season. The last game will be played on Monday, January 28th against River Hill.

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Rolling Out of Bed and Showing up to Class

Words: Thomas Hitt

Photos: Adithi Soogoor

With one week until winter break, Centennial kicks off their Spirit Week with Pajama Day. From pajamas to robes, and slippers to onesies, students came to school in their comfiest PJs.

Tomorrow’s spirit day is Season Switch Day. Participating students will dress up as if they were in a different season.

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