Centennial’s Girls’ Teams Celebrate Senior Night

On March 8, March 10, and March 11, the Centennial field hockey, volleyball, and girls’ soccer teams celebrated their long awaited senior nights. The field hockey and volleyball teams each took impressive victories; field hockey finished 11-0 against Atholton High School while volleyball finished 25-9 and 25-15 in two matchups over Mount Hebron High School. The soccer team fell short to Hebron 3-1.

A total of fourteen seniors were honored. Jamie Cole, Jane Hudson, Nicole Ouellette, Lilly Rainey, Lizz Stroud, Lilly Sullivan, and Bridget Thompson in field hockey; Grace Chan and Emily Hollwedel for volleyball; and Rebecca Bianchini, Cicely Clark, Carolyn Desena, and Briana Fant for soccer.

Jane Hudson claimed, “actually being able to have a senior night was kind of like a little gift from the universe.” The importance of senior night goes far beyond recognition, it is meant to celebrate all of the work put in over the years with family and friends.

Hudson, who’s currently out with an ACL injury, stressed the strong bond of the team by saying, “I’m trying to assist my coach and work with the other girls as much as I can, even though I can’t be on the field.”

“I almost assumed at a point I wasn’t going to have a senior night, and I had to accept that and move on,” expressed Emily Hollwedel.

“It was really heartwarming to see the gym decorated and hear the speeches from my teammates,” Grace Chan said. 

Now with the conclusion of her long awaited senior night, Hollwedel is able to look forward to the rest of the brief season and wish success upon the team. “We’re connecting as a team and improving every day,” she stated. “The team this year is young, but determined, and I think we can go very far.”

“Every win gives us momentum to keep pushing,” Chan added. “This win showed me (and Emily) that we would be leaving Centennial volleyball in great hands.”

Rebecca Bianchini stated that “it was really cool to finally be walking across the field for my last season at CHS. The rest of the team made it really special.” In regards to the game itself, she kept positive despite the outcome. “We didn’t really get the result we had hoped for but I’m proud of the way we played and I’m even more proud to call those girls my team.”

“We played tough and physical throughout the whole game and played until the end,” Briana Fant agreed.



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