The End of an Era: Centennial Boys Basketball’s Seniors

Adithi Soogoor

Many student athletes have been devastated by the news of winter sports being cancelled for the 2020-21 school year, and a large number of seniors must now cope with the fact that their high school sports career has come to an abrupt end. Having upheld a legacy of excellence and dedication for years, the news has hit especially hard on the Centennial Boys Basketball team, who shed light on their sentiments.

 “It definitely has been pretty saddening for all of us,” said varsity senior Tim Woerner. “Basketball is something that we all look forward to every year and we’ve all been working very hard throughout high school for the opportunity to play.” 

Shane Taylor, another senior, shared, “I have gone to Centennial basketball games since before I could walk, so playing my senior season has been sort of a dream of mine for a long time.”

It seems this final year was highly anticipated for many of the boys, which makes the news all the more disheartening. “None of us imagined that walking off the court after losing in regionals as juniors would be our last time playing a game together,” senior Bryson Baker expressed.

Though the boys tried to remain hopeful for their season, the cancellation did not come as a surprise due to the continual postponements of sports along with systematic changes to schooling procedures. 

“I feel like it was wishful thinking throughout the entire team,” Taylor revealed. “As the delays kept coming, we began the process of trying to accept the inevitable. Although it was somewhat expected, it was a crushing blow and a moment I will never forget.” 

Though faced with the loss of their season, it seems that our senior basketball players are anticipating some sense of closure for their high school sports career. “I believe we will have some sort of virtual banquet to mark the end of our time with the team,” Taylor said. 

Whether it’s small scrimmages throughout the county or just amongst the Centennial team themselves, the boys hope to extend their time playing basketball. “I hope to get on a court with the team one last time when it is safe to do so,” expressed Taylor. Baker too expressed his anticipation to play once again, as it would be nice “just to have one last game or send off.”

Even after having their farewell season cancelled, the seniors have shown the utmost sportsmanship in supporting Centennial Basketball’s legacy. “Even though our season has been cancelled this year, I know the juniors and underclassmen are going to be eager and ready to play next year, and I’m excited to get the chance to watch them play,” shared Woerner. “They’re all very hard workers, and I know that they’re all going to have a very productive offseason.” Showing  appreciation for his experience, Woerner affirmed, “We all love the sport, and have enjoyed every minute of it playing at Centennial.”


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