Rapid Covid-19 Spike Causes Centennial to Cancel All Winter Sports Conditioning

According to the Howard County Public School System, all in-person athletic conditioning has been canceled. The winter athletic season, which was supposed to start December 7, 2020, has been postponed until January 4, 2021.

Prior to the spike in COVID cases, in-person athletic conditioning and training was set to begin on November 16, 2020. Now, according to HCPSS Public Information, “all HCPSS in-person opportunities will remain suspended through winter break, with all instruction continuing virtually.” HCPSS also announced that virtual athletic sessions and meetings will continue, as well as online winter sports registration.

Two Centennial athletes answered a few questions based on their experiences with sports so far this year.

Luke LasCasas, a junior on Centennial’s track team, said that COVID-19 has stopped the season of cross country and winter track races and competitions. “I have only really had the opportunities to practice, but I can not practice with the whole team,” explained LasCasas. “I can’t have my coaches there while I practice to make sure I am doing the right workouts.”

Likewise, junior wrestler Nick Shapiro has been preparing for his upcoming season. “I’ve been lifting weights,” Shapiro said. “And every Wednesday at 4:30 we have a meeting on Google Meet with the coaches.”

For more information and updates on centennial sports, visit https://chs.hcpss.org/.

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