HCPSS Approves Hybrid Learning

Photo: screenshot from HCPSS powerpoint

Photo: screenshot from HCPSS powerpoint

Elif Meral

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and State Superindependent Karen Salmon have both called on schools in Maryland to have a hybrid school system implemented no later than March 1. Governor Hogan stated: “Every single Maryland student must have at least the opportunity to return to attending school in some form or fashion.” He continued the statement by saying students just “cannot afford any more endless roadblocks, or any more moving of the goalposts.”

Responding to the Governor and the State Super Independent, HCPSS Superintendent Michael Martirano informed the students and parents of what the remainder of the year will look like. Although they have decided to go with hybrid teaching, Martirano does point out that it is not a requirement but an option. Thus, the “decision will be able to be made by you and your parents/guardians.” He explained that the school board is aware of the risks going back to school may pose and that they will take precautions, such as making masks mandatory and setting things up so students will be able to social distance. There is still a lot more to be talked about and planned, but returning with a hybrid plan is a confirmed decision.

In a board meeting on January 26, The Howard County Board of Education approved the hybrid schedule for the latter half of the 2020-21 school year and published a list of approved dates of when certain grades will become hybrid. 

Kids will return to the building in groups, which will be based on their grade level, in order to prevent overcrowding. Students in the 5-day instruction group (Special Education services and others that require additional learning support) will return the week of March 1; pre-k through second grade will return the week of March 15; grades three, four, five six, nine, and twelve as well as career and technical education students will return the week of March 29; grades seven, eight, ten, and eleven will return the week of April 12.

Students whose parents/guardians sign them up for the hybrid schedule will go into school a maximum of two days per week and continue with virtual classes the rest of the week. If too many students sign-up for hybrid learning, there’s a chance the students may only go one day a week to maintain social distancing measures. The model has one group of students attending in-person classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and the other group attending on Thursdays and Fridays, with Wednesdays being used to clean the building.

The proposed day-to-day schedule for high schools can be seen above.

To sign up for Hybrid schooling, follow the following instructions from HCPSS.

To complete the form:

  • Log in to HCPSS Connect
  • Select More Options from the left panel
  • Select “In-Person Commitment” from the middle of the page
  • Complete the questions in the form for each child and select “Save”

For more information, please visit HCPSS News or 2020-2021 Status Work Session


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