Is Prom Happening?

A lot of students believe that the Corona Virus has affected their high school experience. With schools closing and online learning becoming the new “norm”, most students have not been inside their school since March of 2020.

It has affected all students of all years in different ways; the graduating class of 2020 had a virtual graduation, a lot of students missed out on some kind of extracurricular, sports seasons have been canceled as well as dance and band performances. Many students are losing hope of experiencing these quintessential highschool moments.

Prom, specifically, is a highschool memory that adults are often able to look back on. One thing that really stands out, even decades later. Because of COVID, there was no prom during the 2019-20 school year, and there is no telling if there will be one this coming spring. 

 “It honestly made me really sad because I wasn’t sure if I would even get to have a senior prom, so I felt like I was missing out,” expressed senior Lauren Harriott, one of many students who is at risk of losing both her junior and senior proms. “I had always wanted to go to prom ever since I was little, so it was just upsetting to have that not happen.”  

While seniors understand the gravity of the situation, many are still devastated. “There are more important things to be thought about right now other than prom,” said Harriot. “But it would just suck, never being able to have gone to prom ever in high school. I feel like that’s one of the big events for all upperclassmen.”

However, not all hope is lost for some students and staff. Plans are still being made to have a  prom or homecoming of sorts this spring. There is no guarantee that these events will happen, because it is hard to predict what COVID will look like in the coming months, but the school board and some Centennial staff members are staying optimistic.

However, not everyone believes that such events will be allowed. “[I am] not very confident in the chances of a prom for this year, considering the uncertainty of our return to in-person classes in the spring,” admitted Kate Toursin, a member of the 2022 Class Board. “The board, however, has continued to plan accordingly with the hope of hosting the event.” 

Junior Madison Ceglia is more hopeful. “We have heard positive words from administrators trying to organize at least a [homecoming dance] so all grades could attend, but most importantly providing our seniors with at least some form of school activity,” Ceglia explained. “I trust Mrs. Dillon to make a smart decision come springtime, when the vaccine is more widespread to give us that opportunity.”

The planning entails several precautions, ensuring that the events will provide the proper high school experience for students, but will also allow them a safe environment. “[It] may look like an outdoor event with masks and limited numbers,” said Ceglia. “It would also have to be funded through donations since we retracted the down payment for our venue, in hopes of using it for next year.” 

The Centennial class boards are working hard to ensure that they can provide their fellow students with long-awaited high school events, such as prom.

For seniors, the 2021 Class Board is working to schedule other events, aside from prom, to make their final year of high school one to remember. Events like Senior Sunrise and a trip to the pumpkin patch have been examples of those, and there are more in the works. To stay up to date with all senior affairs, follow Centennialseniors21 on Instagram. Possible events to come are a movie night and a sunset, when the weather warms up.

Though COVID has made it difficult for teenagers to get the proper high school experience, efforts are being made. A dance is still up in the air, but we can hope that, in the future, upperclassmen will be allowed at least one event that they’ll remember for years to come. 


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