The Absolute Mess of the Washington Football Team Rebrand

The Washington Commanders, formerly named the Washington Football Team, released their new name, logos, and jerseys, and fans are not happy about the rebrand.

Whether it’s the let down after all of the anticipation, or lazily choosing the name and logos, many football fans are giving harsh feedback. Even CHS student and lifelong fan Sammy Klein chimed in with criticism of the rebrand.

“As a fan I’m still upset that we had to change from the original name, but I understand why that had to happen. The name should not be the Commanders, because that is not what the fans wanted. The owner and front office decided to make a decision based on what they wanted. But that’s expected with Dan Snyder as the owner.”

Along with Sammy, even young Commanders star defensive end Chase Young wasn’t a fan of this name. In an interview with USA today sports well before the name announcement, Young was ranking potential candidates for the team’s new name. When “Commanders” was brought up, Young shook his head, then said one thing: “F.”

Similar to Klein and Young, sophomore Zachary Harris is also in agreement that the team’s rebrand could use some work.

“The name could be better, but it is better than the Washington Football Team. The jerseys are nice, but the ‘W’ logo is not good. It is boring and they could’ve done more with it. The circle logo is nice and the different colors fit together nicely with the team name.” 

Most Washington fans believe that there were much better options than what was decided on. Fans across the internet have been creating mock jerseys and logos, and it seems to be consensus that most people would prefer the fakes over what the team actually decided on.

Sophomore Jonah Pressman, who does not watch much football, had an opinion that was similar to everyone else that has voiced their opinion.

“Personally, I think the name is better than the ‘Washington Football Team’. The jerseys look good, but the logo is trash. There is too much going on. It needs to be more simple.”

Given the reception from those on the internet and Centennial alike, it seems like Dan Snyder and the Washington front office has taken another L.


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