CHS Predicts Who is Going To Win The Super Bowl

With the AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference) Championship games coming to an end, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams will face each other in the Super Bowl for the Lombardi Trophy. Which team will be named the champion of the world? Centennial students gave us their predictions. 

The Cincinnati Bengals were the underdogs going into this game against the Kansas City Chiefs. As the Chiefs fans got louder and louder, it got to Joe Burrow and the Bengals as they were down 24-10 at half. In the third quarter, Joe Burrow’s offense scored 11 points, and in the fourth, they scored three to tie up the game and take it to overtime. The Chiefs won the toss, but quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw an interception. The Bengals got the ball, scored a field goal, and won the game. 

The Los Angeles Rams were losing to the San Francisco 49ers for the first three quarters of the game. It was a whole different story in the fourth quarter, however. Matthew Stafford and his offense produced 13 points in the fourth quarter which led them to a 20-17 win to send them to the Super Bowl. 

Two teams with a great offense and a great defense will be playing each other for the glory, so who does CHS think will win? 

CHS sophomore Jackson Palich had a very strong opinion about the Super Bowl. Palich said, “I gotta go with the Bengals because of the front 3 comparison compared to the bengals offensive line. Aaron Donald and Von Miller are going to get to (Joe) Burrow just like how the Buccaneers got to Mahomes in last year’s Super Bowl.” Last year, the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes were defeated by the Buccaneers in the super bowl, where Mahomes was sacked only three times, but ran for almost 500 yards behind the line of scrimmage, in an attempt to evade defenders. 

CHS junior Jibreel Waheed had a similar opinion but was more straightforward. Waheed said, “Rams have better players to be honest. Better Defense. Better Coach. All Joe Burrow has is public support.” Jibreel really came at Joe Burrows’ quarterback skills. A lot of people believe that Joe Burrow is too young and inexperienced compared to Mathew Stafford, which will impact the game. 

In an overall poll of 22 students, the Bengals led the poll 12 to 10. Joe Burrow’s public image has really made an impact on people’s opinions. People have been calling him “Joe Brrr” or “Joe Shiesty.”Those who voted for the Rams seem a lot more confident than the ones who voted for the Bengals, however. 

This will be a Super Bowl to remember, as both Joe Burrow and Mathew Stafford’s first Superbowl appearances. The pressure is on for both teams. Who will win it all?


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