Kartik Sullivan: The captain in the goal

Kartik Sullivan: The captain in the goal

Centennial High School’s own Kartik Sulivan has taken on the responsibility of not only being the man in goal but also being the man to lead the team. 

Sulivan, a senior, started playing soccer in elementary school and transitioned to the club level in middle school.

Since joining Centennial’s team, Sullivan has seen the ups and downs of playing high school soccer, but still has the utmost confidence in his team. “I am confident in the team’s ability as we have an excellent assortment of players; great players starting as well as great players on the bench,” boasts Sulivan. “Although, skill is only one of the many factors that make up a team and it is up to us to perform once we are in games.” 

Not only is he confident, but he is also excited about the upcoming season. Sullivan states, “It is my final season and I will be playing with and against many of my friends. The league has many competitive teams who want to win.” Just like last year, there will be many tension-packed games, and Sullivan will be the one to lead his team each time. 

Centennial senior Jibreel Waheed believes Sullivan has what it takes to be such a leader. “He commands the defense and motivates everyone on the team to work hard and put in 100% everyday. Not only is he leading us, he is also setting the right example for the juniors,”  Waheed elaborated. Throughout Sullivan’s years at Centennial High School, he has made a positive impact not only on the soccer team, but also on the people around him. “He keeps us motivated and is a good leader on and off the field,” Rahil Haider, junior, concludes.


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