Fall traditions

Photo Credit: People.com

Photo Credit: People.com

With summer fading, you can now feel the crisp air of the fall mornings as you arrive at school. The start of fall also means that many people will be participating in traditional fall activities like looking at beautiful leaves, picking apples and pumpkins, pumpkin carving, and of course, trick or treating. 

Decorating for the fall season is a popular tradition among many, including the Centennial Student Services secretary, Lynn DeVore. DeVore likes to decorate with pumpkins and fall mums.  Likewise, Centennial U.S. government teacher Bethany Cunha’s favorite tradition is decorating her porch.  The popularity of covering your house and yard in orange and brown is not limited to a few houses: if you drive around the Centennial neighborhoods, fall decor is everywhere, with some houses already sporting some scary Halloween decorations.

Speaking of Halloween, it is also a time for giving treats; Rachel Yan, a senior at Centennial, especially enjoys Halloween for that reason. Trick or treating is a popular tradition in which people dress up in costumes and knock on neighbors’ doors to receive candy. This tradition is enjoyed by kids and is a great way to celebrate the fall season. Centennial sophomore Joseph Kim also enjoys Halloween. “[I] love the aesthetic and candy,” he states. Some neighbors even play scary music or make haunted pathways for trick or treaters; it’s more than just getting some free candy.

For those who like their fall activities more wholesome, one popular tradition which Centennial junior Anneliesa Newberry partakes in is pumpkin picking. “It was something I did with my brother when I was little before he went off to college. Now that he is back I can continue the tradition with him,” Newberry explained.

The preoccupation with orange gourds does not end there. People enjoy carving pumpkins and making different elaborate designs. Jules Kuta, a student at Centennial, likes to carve pumpkins as well “[I] love anything to do with pumpkins: making pumpkin seeds, pumpkin desserts, pumpkin picking, but [I] especially love carving pumpkins.” DeVore also enjoys pumpkin flavored foods, indulging in pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cookies during the fall season. In the food aisle at the grocery store, fall pumpkin spice is everywhere from coffee, to cookies, to cereals, there is always a pumpkin spice option.

However, maybe the biggest symbol of fall is the leaves changing color. Many people look forward to viewing the fall foliage. In Oregon, there is a special smiley face that makes an appearance every year.  A lumber company was planting fir trees and planted a type of tree whose needles turn brown in the fall surrounded by evergreen trees.  The shape of the brown fir trees make a giant smiley face on the mountain. It is sure to brighten the days of people driving by. 

With such diversity in fall traditions, there’s something for everyone this season.


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