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The Wingspan

A Chance to Shine at Centennial: Dancing with the Staff

Meghan Creel March 31, 2022

Today, March 31, 2022, Centennial will be hosting its annual “Dancing With the Staff” showcase. Students in the Dance Company each chose a staff member to perform a duet with. They choreograph a dance,...

When the Clock Strikes Midnight

Meghan Creel March 15, 2022

Centennial’s 2022 prom theme will be masquerade, where magic and mystery take place. Historically, people would not take off their masks until after midnight masquerade balls. The masks provide a way...

A Little More Spunk for Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Meghan Creel February 24, 2022

The Super Bowl is the most important football game of the year, crowning the champion of the National Football League. It is an event that even people who don't like to watch football typically indulge...

Mr. Yore: Teacher or Weatherman?

Mr. Yore: Teacher or Weatherman?

Meghan Creel February 21, 2022

People tend to forget that teachers don't just teach. They also live lives outside of school that make them who they are, just like Centennial High math teacher Bob Yore, who has some really unique hobbies. From...

Centennial’s Gym-Rats

Meghan Creel February 2, 2022

Lifting, pushing, sweating--all things that students here at Centennial do at the gym to better themselves mentally and physically.  The YMCA, Planet Fitness, and Lifetime Fitness are the top gyms...

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