Centennial’s Gym-Rats

Lifting, pushing, sweating–all things that students here at Centennial do at the gym to better themselves mentally and physically. 

The YMCA, Planet Fitness, and Lifetime Fitness are the top gyms where Centennial students work out. After fall sports came to an end, gyms became more populated as the athletes migrated from Centennial’s turf fields to smith machines and dumbbells. Senior Eddie Aguilar said, “my soccer season ended so I had to find another hobby,” and junior Leah Roddy is in the same boat, as she stated, “I wanted to go to the gym when [the] field hockey season ended because I wanted to stay in shape and also get toned.”

There are a variety of things at the gym that people enjoy. From gym equipment to “gym fits,” Centennial students find pleasure in such small ways when it comes to an intense workout that most people seem to dread. “My favorite thing about the gym is picking out cute outfits… if I look good I feel good,” senior Ellie Costello exclaimed. The clothing brand, GymShark, is a go-to online shop for gym clothing. Many people seem to rave about their leggings and shorts. Another gym favorite is energy drinks under the brand name Celsius. Roddy said, “my favorite thing about the gym is probably leg day but specifically drinking a Celsius before the gym.” Spotted at many gyms and grocery stores, these energy drinks captivate anyone looking to get some extra energy before heading to the gym.

Staying motivated to continue going to the gym can be hard, but at Centennial, many people work out together and set goals to keep them consistent. Senior Matthieu Jacob, who has been going to the YMCA for about 8-9 months, explained that his motivation is “finding a good playlist with music and taking some pre-workout before the gym.” 

Costello said, “I like looking at pictures from when I started versus where I am and it gives me motivation for all the progress I can look at in the future…” Great music and transformation pictures are key to consistency, and so are gym partners. Roddy explained that her gym partner, senior Ella Boodin, helps her stay motivated. 

The thought of going to the gym can be scary and intimidating, though if Centennial students can do it, so can anyone. Costello shared great advice for any beginners. “For people who are starting I would just try not to worry about other people because everybody at the gym are literally just focusing on themselves, everybody is worried about how they look so don’t worry about anyone other than yourself and like don’t be afraid to ask people for help so you get the right form and so you are doing the right thing.”

Roddy added, “You have to start somewhere.”


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