Spirit week

Get ready for a spirit-filled homecoming week at Centennial! From October 3-7, students are encouraged to dress up in a range of outfits to show off their school spirit and gear up for homecoming on October 8. 

On Monday, October 3, the theme is “clock in, clock out”, with underclassmen wearing professional, business casual dress and upperclassmen being comfortable in pajamas. 

Tuesday will serve as generations day. Freshmen should come as teens, sophomores as millennials, juniors as middle-aged adults, and seniors as senior citizens. 

With no school on Wednesday, students should come back to school on Thursday for decades day. Freshmen will dress in early 2000s fashion, while sophomores will travel back to the 90s. Juniors should wear their best 80s clothes, and seniors are encouraged to dress like they’re living in the 70s. 

Friday will be the ultimate test of class spirit, where each grade will go all-out for their class color. Freshmen are black, sophomores are blue, juniors are white, and seniors are red. 


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