Spooky Season is here

Joey Crossney

This past week, leaves were falling, the wind was blowing, pumpkins were growing, but, most importantly: it was Halloween!

Halloween is a family favorite, best known for the spooky decorations, candy, costumes, and of course the Jack O’ Lanterns; it is a popular holiday for many, including Centennial students!

Many people have Halloween traditions, including Junior Vironica Brunson. On Halloween night she usually “trick or treats or eats lots of chocolate while watching movies.” Alternatively, CHS student Jodie Soverign “giv[es] out candy and stay[s] home,” while 

Centennial Senior David Markowitz  enjoyed “listen[ing] to scary music.”

 Sophomore Mateo Oudemans added that, “[Halloween is] a great way to hang out with friends and dress up in cool costumes.”

Speaking of, Centennial students had big plans for costumes this year. Trick or treaters were spotted in everything from aliens to witches and everything in between this Halloween. Some of the students’ costumes that were well received in previous years were Madonna from the 80’s and a zombie Alice in Wonderland.  Senior Alanna Green “was Wednesday Addams one year and it rocked.”

Students weren’t the only ones getting into costumes, either. Sophomore Jamal Graham  dressed up his two cats, Viktor and Jack. “[They] both [have] Halloween movie character names so I dress[ed] both up as their characters,”explained Graham.

Costumes and trick or treating go hand in hand. Several students report some odd things they have gotten from trick or treating, including but not limited to: carrots, toothbrushes, dental floss, peanuts, ranch dressing packets, and a fidget spinner. In terms of some trick or treating fan favorites, students tended to enjoy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat bars, and sour gummies.  Maybe the toothbrush and dental floss in the trick or treat bag will come in handy after all! 


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