World Cup – Round of 16 results

Photo from CNN

The World Cup has been one of the biggest tournaments in the world since 1930. In that time, we have seen many upsets and  crazy outcomes. The 2022 World Cup is no different, as we have seen multiple unexpected results. 

The first game of the round of 16 featured the USA vs the Netherlands. The game ended with the Dutch cooking the USA. Barcelona’s Memphis Depay scored in the first 10 minutes which changed the momentum of the game. Right before the half the Netherlands scored another goal which made the game 2-0. But the game was not over just yet. USA’s Haji Wright scored the weirdest goal of the tournament. Many, including myself,  still do not know how that went in, but it went in. Game on. In the 81st minute Netherland’s scored another goal which eventually meant the end of the line for the USA. Netherlands advance.  

The next game of the Round of 16 was Australia vs Argentina. We learned from this game that cricket is Australia’s best sport, as they got cooked like pasta by Argentina. Argentina’s Lionel Messi scored in the 35th minute. This was Lionel Messi’s first knockout stage goal in his entire career so it was a big moment for him. Julian Alvarez scored in the 57th minute which made the game 2-0. Eventually Australia got a goal. Outside the box shot? Goal off a corner? Goal off a set piece? No, it was an own goal. Argentina ended the game 2-1 and ended the hopes of Australia. Kangaroos can’t save you from Messi. 

 The next game was Poland vs France. Oliver Giroud scored a goal to make the game 1-0 in the 44th minute. Going into half time it was 1-0, and I bet the team talks in Poland’s locker room was really motivating. This game needs more goals said Lewandowski. Except, France scored 2 more to make it 3-0. There was still a chance for Robert Lewangoalski. Pen was given in the 99th minute (why is the game even that long). Lewangoalski smashes it in to make it 3-1. Game over, France advances. 

The next game was Senegal vs England. This game gave hope to English fans. After this game they truly believed that it was coming home. In the 39th minute. Liverpool’s captain, Jordan Henderson scored to make the game 1-0. Right before halftime in the 45+3’d minute, England’s finest, Harry Kane, scored another goal to make the game 2-0. The game ended 3-0 as Buyako Saka of Arsenal gunned in into the back of the net. England Advances. 

The next game was the blue lock vs the runner ups. Japan vs Croatia. Blue Lock struck first as they scored in the 43rd minute to make the game 1-0. The Runner ups were down, but they are known as comeback kings. Therefore, it was no surprise that in the 55th minute Ivan Perisic scored to make the game 1-1. The rest of the game was really boring as it went to a penalty shootout. Blue locks amazing story came to an end as Croatia won 3-1 on penalties. Croatia Advances

The worst of all the match-ups was Korea vs. Brazil. It was not a game. It was a slaughter house. Brazil scored 4 times in the first half. The game was so bad that even the coach started dancing. Korea unfortunately did not advance, but they will come back stronger with a better defense next World Cup. Brazil Advances.

Morocco vs. Spain is a game to remember, with Morocco making history that day. The game stayed 0-0 throughout the entire and game throughout extra time. The game went to penalties. The Moroccan fans and the Princess of Spain was watching. Bano was ready. He saved all of Spain’s penalties and sent Morocco to a quarterfinal berth. 

The last of the interesting matchups was Portugal vs Switzerland, and it ended as a  great win for the Portuguese team. There was a lot of discussion as to why Cristiano Ronaldo was not starting, but this is Portugal’s team, not Ronaldo’s team. Portugal was dominant throughout the entire game and eventually scored 6 on the Swiss defense. I preferred American Cheese anyways. 6-1– a shameful outcome. Portugal Advances. 


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