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The Wingspan

The “Grim Reaper” Reminds Students of the Consequences of their Actions

Photos: Caroline Oppenheimer and Martha Hutzell

Words: Miranda Mason

On Monday, April 28, 30 students were pulled out of their classes by the “Grim Reaper” as Centennial’s School Resource Officer Mark Perry announced to the students that their classmate was “killed” in a car crash. The students who were “killed” were then given a black t-shirt announcing they had died in a crash caused by distracted or drunk driving, and their faces were painted white. The “dead” students then remained silent for the remainder of the school day.

This event was organized in order to remind Centennial students, especially juniors and seniors, that their decisions have real consequences. According to Perry, this event is going along with the Prom Promise assembly that took place last week that showed juniors and seniors the dangers of drunk or distracted driving. Both of these events are taking place to remind juniors and seniors that are going to prom to make good decisions

“It’s really an important matter that should be addressed in high schools,” said senior Kade Connor, who placed carnations on the desks of the “deceased” students.

“We’re trying to get the message across that if you made bad decisions you could kill yourself, injure yourself, or kill an innocent person and have to live with that for the rest of your life,” said Perry. “I just want the seniors and juniors to know that there are consequences.”

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