Centennial’s holiday wishlist

From the annual World Fest, to the pep rallies that help get students in the spirit right before Homecoming, Centennial is full of exciting community activities to partake in. But despite all the fun, there are some improvements to be made. Many students feel the school could benefit from infrastructure changes, while others think that more ways to de-stress could be helpful, and create a more positive environment.

This Holiday season, Centennial students are wishing for a variety of changes. Suggestions for better lunch food, alternate activities during pep rallies, and closed bathroom doors are just the beginning. The main concern has been the need for a building upgrade.

The school’s renovation has been highly requested among both students and staff at Centennial, even to the point of a petition going around. However, nothing has been done about the daily complaints of poor air conditioning and lack of windows. 

Sophomore Jenny Min says the top priority on her “wishlist” is to make some changes to the school. “If you go to the bathrooms near the cafeteria and just around the school, first of all- the mirrors aren’t working, [and] you can’t see yourself in most of them. Also, a lot of people say we don’t have windows. I would say some sinks aren’t working either, and when you try to flush the toilets it also doesn’t work and there are certain malfunctions that occur…”, Min explains. Sophomore Cynthia Urquiaga agrees, and feels that it is important to have working ac and heating, because she goes “from freezing in one class to sweating buckets in my next class.” Problems like these have been widely recognized among students around the school, but still nothing has been done about it. “Other schools have multiple floors or working ac and heat, so why not Centennial?” Urquiaga asks.

Despite all the changes the school could benefit from, Centennial is still an appreciable school, and should be recognized for all the opportunities it offers, particularly all its highly anticipated events. From Boba Tea to veggie Samosas, World Fest, one of the most popular school events, gives students the chance to share their culture through food. Along with that, at the event there are poster boards providing information on different countries, and performances showcasing different cultural dances. Urquiaga says that she herself got to participate in a performance for her K-pop club. As for Min, she enjoyed dancing on stage during the Winter Spectacular for her theater class. Every year, before the holiday break, many Centennial students take part in the Winter Spectacular, where they showcase a variety of different dances and songs that they prepare for in their fine arts classes.

The building itself could use a lot of changes, but the student body at Centennial is something to be proud of. “It’s cool to see the different cultures, clubs, and activities we have here at Centennial” Min concludes.


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